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You have to be back…

You have to be back,

Back in my heart,

Into the soul again.

The days we spent,

From the rise to the dawn,

You have to be back,

You’ll be back very soon.

You can’t break the promises made,

You can’t make me live like a slave,

You can’t distance your heart from mine…,

You’ll be back very soon….

My eyes dying to see you again,

You have to be back very soon….

The memories made,

The laughter we shared,

The emotions we cared,

You and me again, 

One day we’ll be one soon….

You have to be back,

For our life’s to be alive,

You’ll have to be back,

You’ll be back very soon…


you have to be back…
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The Un-Revealed love.

You smiled and giggled,

With the fact you said were,

Instead you uncovered the truth,

That it’s isn’t easy to live without my love.

You dismissed the reality,

With the shine in your eyes,

It came into noticed that,

Those were the blocked emotional cries.

The love died in you,

You explained it very well,

The increased heartbeat murmured me,

When my hands touched yours.

You walked away in no time,

The reason made it very clear,

The presence of mine in your life,

Still bothers you, as to your love hidden dear.

No promises to return back,

To see me again in life,

The warnings of concerned gave me hopes,

To believe in the words left unsaid…


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The Power to let go

Let me say, “goodbye”,

Let me set myself free,

Let me move on in life,

Let me get away from cries.

A smile of forgiveness,

A glimpse of forgetfulness,

Leaving each past behind,

Let me walk towards my future bright.

No regrets,

No thoughts to bother,

A part of life came to an end,

Part ended not the life descend.

The power to let go,

The embrace of freeness,

Just relieving my soul to reality,

Again in an action of purity.

It happens for a reason,

The reason is always better,

Trust in the path your walking,

Beside you there is always walking a divine.


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Everything has changed..

Ever since you promised me,
Exact 5 years ago,
Today was the date you owned me,
With your love and adore.

Everything has changed,
Today even my heart agreed,
Except the love in your heart,
Is the only thing I disagree.

You have decided our relationship path,
And I understand the reason for it,
You may have decided to move away from me,
But in your heart il always be.

Your understanding,
Your love,
Your approach towards me,
Your affection,
Your care,
All ended by making me all free.

Everything changed,
Each colour of love faded,
Each emotions disappeared,
Today, even you and me got separated.


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It said, “Where there is great love,

Miracles happens…”

In great hope and faith,

I believe it all depends…

Just a prayer for us,

So we are back together soon,

Before the sun rises again,

In the lightening of moon…

Let the heaven be forced to change,

The plans scripted for us,

You and me cannot be separated,

Let the reality be crushed.

The love in my heart,

The trust in our love,

You will be unresisting to come back,

To again fall in my love.

Unbelievable phase will arrive,

Just keeping faith within,

Everything will be forced to changed,

You and me will be one again…


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He loves me.. HE loves me not..???


Sitting with the confusion,

He loves me or he loves me not???

Will I get a conclusion,

With my emotions I get caught.

You didn’t come back to me,

What was my fault???

Is it that I love you so much,

You don’t even give it a thought.

Missing you has become my hobby,

A part of my present life,

Each day I cry till sleep,

Living a life with a  strive…





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In the name of God….

In the name of god and holy sprite,
I offend myself to deeds I did till now.
Devote to the world of peace,
And concure my strives and pain somehow.

It’s annoying to see,
People fooling in your names,
When you reside in my heart,
Why should I praise you in frames.

I trust you, Ohh Lord;
Please grant me petition,
So I can live a life without fear,
And rise each day to live without frustration.

Grateful for your blessings,
I love you my almighty,
When you have written my story of life,
I have to just walk on your path accordingly.


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Building my castle…


Building up the castle of dreams,
The castle with simplicity and love.
Collecting the sand to shape it up,
To make it perfect and tough.
With consolations of thoughts,
I carve the emotions over it.
The sand is building my dream plan,
So the love we had could easily be fit.
Grasping it artistically,
Moulding into the peaceful attire,
With efforts and dedication,
So if you see, you could recollect,
This was the dream we had designation.
Ever since your far away,
I dreamed to make our dreams fullfill,
Just a step to convince my heart,
That one day we will meet on some hills,
The shore around the sand castle,
Representing the murmurs of my voice,
Even if I day I get lost or vanished,
You can feel me all over here,
With no problems and choice…..♥♥♥

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Don’t you think

Just a simplified thought,
Don’t you think about me anymore,
All the memories of love we had,
Have you still closed your heart’s door.

A chance to get you back,
Get you back in my soul,
Let me know that u miss me too,
So I can regularly make you cal.

Time has healed each wounds,
Lets together remove the scars,
I will help you to over our differences,
Just come back to never go far.

I give you a chance to explain,
For the reason you moved apart,
Don’t you think your dead without me,
As someone has poke on heart a dart.

Stop nonsensical things you do,
Il except you without any word,
Don’t you think you love me still,
Just need to wash away the little mud.