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Winter Raining…

Early morning breeze,
Making me go freeze,
The winter is so chilling,
The rain is making it go more thrilling.
The dews turned cold,
It is the beginning of new dawn,
The birds chirping songs,
Trying their best to survive the cold.
The breath is getting smoking,
The words making its mark,
The shiver getting intensed,
With the rain drop falling on path.
The blessing showering,
The Winter’s Raining,
The climate is giving hints,
Am I falling in love again???

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Chatting with you…

Chatting chatting,
Texting texting,
From the rise till the noon.
Talking talking,
Teasing teasing,
It all started very soon.

Fingers hitting the screen,
Eyes fixed till the reply.
With each smile you spread around,
And the slightest typing then,
Makes me little sad when the typing is delay.

It makes me blush,
You make me smile,
I know u hardly now,
But it seems as in from when.


I am still trying…

I may nt know hw to write poem,
Bt i m still trying,
My poem is nt so funny,
Bt it will stop u from crying.
Anyone any where would say anything to u,
Jst remember one person will b definately with u.
The jokes i crack and prank i played,
Just maintain this friendship like a tree shade.
No one hve capicity to do all this buy buying.
I may nt know hw to write poem,
Bt i m still trying…

Me and you

       Written by my sweet new friend,

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Towards the new goal.

Shoes laces tied firm,
Filled with enthusiasm,
Heads held high,
Am ready again to fly.

Brightened light in eyes,
No more sheds of cries,
Dreams awakening real,
Am ready to face the fear.

Walking with a smile,
Towards new goal of mine,
Nothing can obstruct me now,
Am ready to climb on life’s show.

Memories making me strong,
I know now; how to live along,
When you really wanna make a change,
Decide it on and let the past to drain.


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kuch dil ki baate…

Kabhi hua ye…Aisa laga ki..
Kuch to naya sa…Hone laga hai…

Dhudli se dhup meethi lage,
Hai tere saaye ka asar,
Chalte kadam ruk se gaye,
Milla hai jab se tera basar…

Koshish yahi hai…
Ke tere dil mein.
Choti se koi jagah mil jaye…
Koi shararat… karde tu mujhse,
Aur iss tarah hi…
Tujhko pyaar hojaye…

Aisa hua ye… lagne laga ki.
Kuch to naya sa.. hone laga…

Mere hasi tujhse judi,
Tujhse hi ab hai mera naam,
Milke har pal koshish karu,
Ab dil ko hai sirf tujse kaam…

Khawayish yahi hai,
Tere hi sapno mein,
Jee kar maru jaun…
Phir se juda jo,
Tuta hua dil,
Tere hi naam main,
Khudko kar jaun…

Aisa hua ye… lagne laga ki
Kuch to naya sa.. hone laga…


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I am Smiling… :)

With the passing day,
The thoughts got diminished.
You entred my life,
And the sorrows got vanished.

Molding myself like a clay,
Stepping in path away from darkness.
Your support with smiles,
Encouragements filling with hope and lightness.

Feeling the happiness deep in soul,
Untill you met me, it used to just crawl.
You came like an angle to my dull world,
Making me smile again like spring’s blossom.


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The Rise.

A night can’t stop the sun to rise in the dawn.
Even a butterfly when young, it lives with the crawl.
Lets the inner soul get tired making tries,
The one always achives with firm determinants.

Even a small ant never fears to fail,
A small bee buzzes at each rose to get its meal,
Never lose hope and courage to be firm,
You may fail twice but winning will be done.

Each tides rises after falling again and again,
Always be enthusiastic to face the failures,  if you have the desire to win.
Let the rise be eternal,
From the heart and soul.
Mind is just a matter of thoughts,
To rise of the fallen.


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Believe in Yourself.


1.I am responsible for creating my own happiness in life.

2.I know and follow my values and principles on a daily basis.

3.I am learning and improving with every new experience.

4.I am capable to overcome the obstacles in my life.

5.My positive attitude can permeate all external conditions.

6.I am willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gratifications.

7.Others see me as a light for motivation and insight.

  so, for achieving an internal mind and soul calmness.To concur great dreams and live life happily, one must try to cultivate this within himself.

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it’s about “YOU AND ME”.

Nothing seems to last forever,

Let it be you and me,

Nothing will ever last forever,

One day everything has to be let free.

Hundreds of reasons to shed tears,

Finding thousand reasons to smile,

It’s because of you and me,

I am turning strong each day trying.

Passion of love for you,

The devotion still lies,

Just apart for our betterment,

But each night I stop myself from cries.

Love needs no proves and no demands,

You couldn’t just manage our relationship,

It’s because of you and me,

I learning each day more.



Burning the Past…

A Bag full of memories,

Several pages stating the past,

When everything ended up in a flash,

Without even any undue cast.










With the flame, let it burned,

So it get ruined forever,

Once it is burned,

Made moments will torture me never.









Each pages of thoughts,

Let it turn into ashes,

They have lost the rights to stay in me,

Just a matter of my inner clashes.








Let it be burned,

New me will be born,

With new courage and learned lessons,

New me will be shown.