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Winter’s On.!!

The weather turning cold,
Making peace with my soul,
The serene pauses still,
Making my smiles go chill.

Jackets removed from the rack,
Scarfs rolled around the neck,
Appling the lotion on the skin,
So the climate can be enjoyed within.

The winds blowing icy,
The water turned cold,
The nature changed suddenly,
Teaching me the art to mould.

Winter’s season seems to be on,
The soundless freezes it shown,
As the night arrives near the window,
The colder it gets making me silent and letting my sad past flow.


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The End.

No happy ending,
No happily living ever after,
You made a choice to leave me,
With a smile and lil bit laughter.
You declared me this,
Setting my heart fix,
Till I smiled all the way,
Memories will be preserved in a mist.
Looking at you,
I kept smiling,
Hiding the bleed inside,
I knew its ending.
You backing up stay,
I didn’t even pleaded to do,
I know; I can make you come back,
But it’s not the way I want to.
We left along together,
For the last time I think,
Resting my heavy head on your shoulder,
I wanted to end up like this for ever.
No hopes this time,
No more wishes to make you come.
I made a choice now,
You never deserved the love I had done.