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I will never fall in this shit again…

I had heard,
Forgiveness is love,
I have forgiven you,
You came again back to your curve.

All the ignorance,
I tolerated before,
I have forgiven you,
You did again the same thing for sure.

I trusted you,
Clubbed the broken parts,
I have forgiven you,
You have again hurted but this the last.

I believed you,
For all the promises you made,
I have forgiven you,
You don’t again need to be sad.

This is done now,
Last time and forever,
I will never fall in this shit of love,
Nor again nor never…


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Its turning Dark…

Moved away, far away,
So you can’t even see me,
Reaching some path,
Darkness waiting to engulf me.

Setting sun, waved me lucks,
Darkness smiling and welcoming,
Fear running in my inner streams,
Thought to be alone is frowning.

Building courage,
To face the darkened world,
To be without you,
My life becomes a burden.

Its growing dark,
And I have to walk alone,
I am fearing inside,
But have cross this path alone.


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Give me everything back.

Give me everything back,
Give me before you,
Decide to stay apart.
Handle me all I gave,
Handle me before you,
Decide to leave.

Start with that kiss,
You touched years back,
Return my hand gripping,
Still tied in your figure slip.

Put out my soul,
From your soul apart,
Give me my heartbeats,
Before you depart.

Give me back my smile,
The smiles with you,
Let me take my memories,
I had spent with you.

Handover my texts and letters,
Move away from the pics,
I took along in unison with you.,
Give me all the day and night,
I shared along with you.
Give me everything back,
Before you decide to stay apart.


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Kuch kam sa hai yaha.

Khamoshiyon mein,
Yaade tadapti hai,
Tanhaiyon mein,
Dil unn bhatakta hai.
Tere yaado mein bhi,
Kuch khoya hai jaise,
Kuch lapata sa hogaya,
Kuch kam sa hai yaha.

Sochkar muskurana,
Palko ke ansu chupana,
Tujhe yaad bhi karke,
Tujhe yaad dila bhi na pana.
Toda samjhkar tujhko,
Jo horaha hai usse bhul jana,
Tu jabse gunsum hogaya,
Kuch kam sa hai yaha.

Har pal tera intazaar hai,
Toda sa mujhko bhi tu padhle,
Ankho mein pyaar mera,
Dhadkano mein izhaar mera,
Tere liye hi unn jee rahe hu,
Har pal yaado mein reh rahe hu,
Tu jab se aise khogaya hai,
Kuch kam sa lag raha hai…


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Each day and night,
Is passing alone without you,
I am understanding,
Understanding you.

Your occupied around,
Busy with your schedule,
Never mind it happens,
Everything will end up soon.

Tensions and frustrations,
I know your going bad,
Hard working and trying best,
I’m understanding,  don’t be sad.

My presence is along with you,
Guilding your each walk,
Even if am far enough to see,
You can always cal and talk.

Keep hope and rise up,
Always their to help you,
I am loving understanding you,
Understanding is also loving you.♥


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I am feeling sad.. :(

I am feeling sad,
I am feeling upset,
Heart depressed,
Mind is not in set.
Random fear flashes,
You no more care,
All the memories lies,
Deep down still in my eyes.
Stressing the things,
Between you and me,
Missing the young life,
Just turn back and see.
Have you ever thought?
Have you ever noticed?
Love is turning its sides,
Am really so much worried?
Understanding you,
Understanding the situations,
Is that you feel I am not worth??
Or its just an infatuations??
Answer., tel me why?
Let me know the reasons far,
Giving you all time you may need,
Come back with happy hours..:)


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Small things missing,
Messing our life,
Few thing slowing,
Trying hard to strive.
No loving texts,
Nor loving msges,
No cute smiles,
Nor sweet cuddles.
Vanishing with time,
The romance within us,
No holding hands,
No dreamy world around us.

Everything now,
Has turned raw and dry,
No flirty jokes of yours,
To make me smile,
Nor emotional lines,
That once made me cry.
The loving charm is lost,
Or the charm of mine,
Nothing seems like am in love,
Without our past romantic shine 😦


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One has to walk alone.


Till when will you hold me??
Now, for few moments or forever.
Till when will you be beside me??
Nothing last forever.

Promises expires with the winds of time,
Togetherness departs with distant,
Connection decreases with the flow,
I am left alone with an instant.

Its my path, my choice, my way,
Till when can you guild me along,
Each and every person in his life,
At least once have to walk alone.

To reach the heights,
To cross the shores,
One have to stuggle with once’s self,
To get from life something more.

Even in cries, even in pain,
One have to keep walking,
On the empty wide lane.

Each one busy in their lives,
No one will ever be in needs,
As you step on the path towards success,
One have to walk alone with good deeds.


Happy Children’s Day..

Chote chote pairo se,
Sidhiya jab chadte the,
Haath me ek khilona leke,
Sara jaaha ko apna te the.

Na koi darr tha,
Na koi takleef thi,
Mummy papa ke gale lag kar,
Puri duniya apne pass thi.

Dosto ke saath shaam dhalti,
Subha hoti muskura ke,
School ki mastiyan yaad aati hai,
Woh guzra jamana yaad aata hai.

Chapchapana barishon mein,
Titliyon ke piche bagna,
Woh apne chocolate ko do tukde karke,
Saath mein mill batke khana.

Woh beeta hua din yaad aata hai,
Woh bachpan yaad aata hai.