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$choo| Da¥s.

Morning school bells,
And we were still at the gate,
Walking in our talks,
We offen used to arrive late.

Teacher’s shouts,
Pleasing her in all ways,
Laughing a loudly,
As soon as she turns her back.

Standing outside class,
Feeling so proud,
When friends came at last.

Group talking,
Eating together in breaks,
Roaming around in lectures,
If got, we used to turn innocence.

Fighting for nonsense,
Than apologising in between class,
Showing all the attitude than,
Was the cutest things never lasts.

Missing school buildings,
And the corridors,
Missing school friends,
Life’s turned so boring,
Without you’ll.
Missing the breaks,
Shared tiffin-boxes,
Missing all smiles,
We together shared.
Missing the naughtiness,
We used to do amongst us,
Missing the school days,
Wanna grow once again with you’ll.

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Feeling sleepy….

Eyesight blurring,
Making it feel heavy,
Straining the corneas,
Eyelids are feelin dizzy.

Imagining an arm of yours,
Over my head,
Tapping untill I fall asleep,
I hope you lively did.

Warmth covering me,
Comforting the zone,
I hope I sleep everyday,
Always with you and never alone.

Your eyes continously,
Keeping an eye on my smile,
I close my eyes dreaming,
To go along distance miles.

I hold your wrist,
Tightly gripped,
Lying in your presence,
Makes me again living…


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After each argument,
It seriously makes me think,
Why do we fight so much,
Why do we argue???
When I love you so much,
And I know you love me too,
Than why don’t we listen sometimes,
Keeping our mouth shut???
You say- I speak,
I listen- You hear,
There will be no need of conclusions,
To be ignoring each others.

Untill I read this,
A relationship with no arguments,
Is a relationship with lots of secrets”.
It got cleared, we shared so much,
That at the end,
We end up arguing things,
Fighting with you is more loving,
Than hiding you away from few things..


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Red mast cells,
Coupling together,
Torned out tisses,
Fixing eachother rather.
Uniting the seperators,
Moulding it in one,
Smoothing the cuts,
Which was left visible.
Slowing but steadily,
Am gaining each part of me,
Holding the broken soul,
Again ready to get free.
Bodily injury repaired,
Forgiveness for the evil,
Healing the soul,
Now nothing is left to be killed.
His reappearance in life,
Caring for the past deeds,
Filling all the gaps made,
To be with me in all future needs.


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Triggers unwinding my soul,
Clearing the all visions,
That was formed.
Gushing bloodstream,
Cleansing the core,
Negations drowning,
In some pure decor.
Feeling of realistic,
Feeling acknowledged,
Untying the knots out,
Steeping to the shore.
Bagging the past,
Damping in the land,
Let the pureness engulf me,
Enriching by it’s lawns.
It’s making me pure,
By the universe’s serene,
It’s making me living,
In the awakening dawn…!!

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I miss …….!!

I miss the spring,
When the birds used to sing,
Cheerfully in the sunlight,
Each day used to begin with your sight.

I miss the rides,
Each day on your bike,
Freshness in the air,
Each those days went in flare.

I miss the care,
You used to take each second,
The emotions passed away,
Each those moment is not left today.

I miss our talks,
Our dates,
Our fights,
Our laughter,
Our cries,
Which is no longer the same,
You came back to me,
But nothing is left the same.

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Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!

Ro ro sadiyon se,
Ankhe meri nam hai,
Ret ki chadar mein,
Khoye mere gam hai.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!
Khush rehna mera haq hai.

Asmaano mein kahi,
Udd gaye hai sapne,
Badalo ke piche jaake,
Chup gaye hai apne.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!
Sapne sach kar mera haq hai.

Tinka tinka jod ke,
Saanse le rahe hu,
Gum ke motiyon mein,
Khushiyan dhud rahe hu.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe…!!
Jeena mera bhi haq hai.

Bandhano mein baandhke,
Jhuta wada kar kar ke,
Risto ka wasata,
Saari umar tadpaya.
Ab to jeene do… Mujhe..!!
Apne liye rishte khud chunne do..Mujhe..!!


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One day all my dreams will come true…

The striving days,
The solitaire nights,
Efforts to live,
Target to get bright.
Cheerfully hiding,
The tears inside,
The cry of struggle,
Will pay in miles.
Widely analyzing,
The illusions in eyes,
The spark in archiving,
Those are dreams that lies.
Patiently wait,
With motives high,
No complaints in walking,
The heavy lane in bay.
Flashing false relations,
I am left with only few crew,
One day all my dreams,
Will come true…….!!!


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Sometimes, I just love waiting…

There is an expectation,
He will one day realize what I feel,
Feel for him… now and forever.
There is a chance,
He will one day ignore what it was,
What is was… to be always with him.
There is a belief,
He will never hurt me,
Never hurt the way he did before.
There is a hope,
He will completely remember,
Remember what little things mean to me.
Sometimes, I just love waiting….
Waiting for these statements to happen.
Promised and forgotten,
Smiling and captivating,
The feel of just waiting…
So enduring and pleasing.

I love waiting....