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Unforgettable night.

Walking on the sand,
Crossing the lane,
Making footprints of “you and me”,
Taking me to the shore.
Arms around,
Glancing the sitting sun,
Stars twinkling up there,
Fill the soul with peace and quietness.

On the way back; riding along,
Dinner with perfection,
Was served on the night,
Adding with contentment,
With a small candle light,
Burning till the end,
Spreading love and pride.

Dressed up in black,
Making my eyes love him,
The decor he had done,
Making my heart once again,
Believe in him.
All the effforts were seen to convince,
To make in trust again,
To make me fall in love again.

Holding him in arm,
I washed my soul in and out,
All the pain drained away,
And complaints were spelled from mouth.
Each day and night he left away,
Each moment I died alone,
Everything was cried out,
And the heart was again real and crowned.

His tears showed his realisation,
His efforts proved his love,
All the hatred he had given me,
Once again turned into love.


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Bringing back the past…!

Eyes closed as demanded,
Hands held in him for support,
He walked along making way,
Afraid to see the efforts he had made.

Chilled atmosphere created,
Fragrances spread around,
I holded him tightly with a fear,
Past crossing my eyes in mere.

Candles, balloons and rose petals,
Covering each corner of the room,
All flashing in the blank out eye,
Tears filled with a smile bloomed.

Clutching the eyelids,
Holding the heartbeat for a while,
A glimpse of all the moment,
It all turned true and live.

The moment which made me cry,
Took away my each night’s sleep,
Bringing back the past again,
He took away the pain
And through tears it got drained.

Making each cry turn into jewel,
Past sad memories now filled with smiles,
Love, care and regrets of his done,
Now he is back into my life,
Filling in all emptiness in me.


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Dreams coming true.

Flash of the past,
Splash of the tears,
It will end up in thoughts,
With all your love losing fears.
Each day I feel like living more,
Looking in your eyes,
I wanna again shout from my core,
Washing away all my cries.
Hands gripped so firmly,
Your efforts making me smile,
Believing in you again blindly,
This time you’ll walk along miles.
Feeling each day without you,
The understanding now you show,
Making all my dreams come true,
It’s all going with an unplanned flow.


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Dil mange tera saath.

Na jane kaha mere kadam chal pade hai,
Har pal naya se lag raha har sama hai,
Sab kuch khamosh un hua tha,
Woh jo mujhe kal chod chala tha,
Tum mere jindagi mein is tarah aaye,
Subha ki roshani mein,
Jaise koi naya sapna laye.
Har pal samjhte ho kaise mujhko,
Ya tum wahi ho… jo ye dil hai,
Ek din ki woh anjaani mulakat,
Sab kuch chod kar bas dil mange tera saath.


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It’s never too late…

Again my hair blown,
Waving in the air,
His eyes making efforts,
To fill the distance despair.
Realization of the past done,
Trying truly to patch up,
Enormously struggling,
To set my heart again in love.
Gaps being fill again from trust,
Distance is decreasing,
Care is taken for each emotions,
Understanding is captivating.
It’s never too late,
To compensate the mistake,
If realisation is true to heart,
Love again will date.
Time heals the wound’s pain,
Now its being replaced with care,
True love will always find a way to come back,
May there be thousands of difficult lane.


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Unsaid and unknown relationship.

Setting sun screaming from the clouds,
Stars struggling to make their space above,
Winds blowing my hair,
He quietly from the sides of his eyes; manages to stare.

Who is he?, Why am I sitting with him their?,
Why is making each day a new impact?
He is no one to me still,
But with him everything seems trill.

Unknown relationship,
Unknown dating,
Along with with each evening,
Seems like it’s worth waiting.

Making me live and smile,
Shedding away my tears,
His arms seems so confident,
That it never made me fear.

Fading away each day as a dream,
My intutions are forced to stop him by scream,
Steeping down my heart slowly,
He has built up a space there.

He came along with all my happiness,
Smiles, he gave me and shared care.
Escaping far,
Memories will be carried along,
Remember even if you go,
You will always be remembered.

Destination made us close,
You and me ever never known,
Today if he is departing us,
May be in future he has planned something more.