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Take me far away…


Take me far away,
From this cruel world.
Take me far away,
Along with your consider.
Take me far away,
Here there ia no heel to my suffer.
Take me far away,
To the world full of dreams.
Take me far away,
Am carving for your love.
Take me far away,
Where there is hope to live.
Take me far away,
Where there is no tear drops nor few.
Take me far away,
Where divine will dwell in me.
Take me far away,
To stay in soul’s sanitary.

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My daily thought -(8)

       It’s a fact believe it or not, when you try to to keep yourself happy, you’ll see that on the way you’ll get many reasons to smile.
Our happiness and our contentment,  totally depends on only us.
A small child say, “Mamma, I don’t wanna play with this stupid toy”
Than taking the child in arms, mom asks,
“Why child whats the matter?”
He says politely, ” Because it laughs at me each time I switch on this button.”
She smiles and explains,
“Life is tough. There are things like your toy which are made to make you smile when your really sad and depressed.  Same like that even there are people around, who are your companions and mates. You’ll find them always trying to mingle along with you. Just to make you grow. They will smile at the beginning along with you but when you turn out to be sad or shelled. They may even laugh at your back. This is the way they are teaching you to make friends who either laugh at you on your face rather than the one’s who laugh at the back. This toy was gifted by your dad before he passed away. He had told me this will guide my son to fight amongst the growing world. He had told me to explain you this that each time it laughs at you, it proves your one step ahead among all. So from today whenever it laughs, just smile him back and always look ahead.”
       The boy looking at her mom, holds the toy, smiles at it and presses the button again to feel the pleasure and contentment of rising higher.
       Nature is strange, filled with negative and positive vibrant. It’s upto us how we assume the things and nature around us.

Today’s thoughts….,
      “So next time when life pusses you down, just smile at it and feel the sense of success and satisfy with the situation.”


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Khudko dhund rahi hu kahi…

Kabhi hawao ke jhoko mein,

Kabhi barish ke bundo mein,

Kabhi likhe hue panno mein,

Kabhi yaado ke kahaniyon mein,

Khudko dhund rahi hu kahi,

Jaane main kaha kho gayi…?









Jo lehrati thi harpal, Ankahi galiyo mein.

Jo rehte thi logo ke dilo ki duniya mein,

Muskurane se jiske khushiyaan chajati thi,

Khudko dhud rahe hu wahi, Ruke hue lamhoo mein.

Jane kis pal mein miljau, Gale se khudo main apne lagau.









Ankhe har raste par ghumke aate hai,

Jane kis gali mein miljau, Wahi talashte hai,

Phulo ke baago mein shayad kissi ne dekha hai mujhe,

Jane kaise titli thi, na jane kaha udd chali?

Jharne ke niche, Baitha main karti thi,

Shayad unke jhoko mein kahi main beh to nai gayi?

Khudko dhund rahi hu kahi,

Jane kaha main kho gayi?


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In my hands.

In my hands,

A shelter lies,

Twinge of dry strings,

Waking a firm ties.

Happiness within,

Security inside,

A family stays here,

With all their pride.


In my hands,

The whole land lies,

Built up with nature,

Fixed up all tight.

Changing conditions,

People’s emotions changed,

But the humanity somewhere,

Still lies deep within us.


In my hands,

A magic lies,

Where with little firm efforts,

I can be what i want.

Difficulties arise,

Influences  around,

If soulful heart is connected,

Than every desire will come true.


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Asking for peace.

Everything has gone still,

From the moment love left me away.

No words no thoughts run in me,

My heartbeats have died within.

Asking for peace,

Praying for the hatred to cease

Forgive him,

Let him free,

Let him go where ever he seems.

Please god let me the faith,

The strength to walk alone,

The light to grow alone,

The path to crawl alone,

The right to stand alone.

I was born alone,

No one will accompany me when i’ll die,

Grace me with the soul that is hard to defect,

My body will be turn into ashes one day.

I pray to the lord,

Please grant me peace,

To enlighten my soul and capturing with.



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My daily thought – (7)

     Everything has an end. And that is the point when there is a start for something new. I had failed up doing many things. But these failures thought me the reasons and the faults for why I failed. These made me grow and now am done with it. I don’t need him. I have realized that things can be much better if I live my life as I desire.
      It’s not as if I am speaking as per my experience but I have seen people living as dead with what their loved one dream off.
Why can’t we live as per our rules and limitations? Just think and answer yourself..
Are you really happy with what you doing today???
Did you really wanted this to become? Was this your dream?  You have accepted all what you never dreamt off only because life has giving you no choice…
    “NO”.. it was you who choose to be this.
Life would have been much more better if little effort would have put on to make it real. Don’t blame people or loved ones for what you suffering now, its not because of them. It’s because you accepted all the change others demanded for in you.
Still there is time… life never ends… Everyday is itself a new beginning…
Think and make a little effort towards what your heart says… live life to it’s fullest.

So today’s thought…,
“I will only do what my heart says and what makes it happy and peace, as I don’t want to sit and regret on my older years.”


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I will have to end it.

I will have to end it,
The demolding pain in me.
The trembling fear in me.
The darkness encoded in me.
The spirit dead in me.

I will have to end it,
Past thoughts,
Tears drops,
Betrayal emotions,
Fake devotions.

I will have to end it,
The silence,
The stillness,
The quietness,
The dullness,
The shattering thoughts within.

I will have to end it,
To grow,
To strengthen my soul,
To live fearlessly,
To achieve,
To live life more.


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Why should I???

Why should I live silently,
When I can be echoed around?
Why should I remain still,
When I can fly even from ground?
Ability to sacrifice,
Ability to grow,
Ability to innervate,
It’s only me born with ability to create.
Hiding behide the rituals,
Till when will I be?
Killing all my dreams,
Till when will I do?
Patience prevails,
Ideas to concur,
Ability to withstand,
Ability to smile with tears,
It’s only me born with simplicity to create.


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My daily thought – (6)

     Its dark and I am still thinking about you. I can’t stop missing you.  Thinking the time we were together.   
     Exams were good and you’ll know I even wrote many extras which wasn’t asked.  But I was a bit satisfied with my writting. 
Loneliness could never let me be alone. Even thought after being engrossed with things, a slight blink and its all him, I can think about the rest of the time.
     And now again its his thoughts and me sitting alone on the edge of my windowsill and feeling the monsoons drips falling on the street. Hmm, there is light poll in front of my eyes standing alone on the road. All people disappeared and it’s left out alone.
    Same like me, all slept and the wait is on.
No cals and no msges… no tries and no efforts made still.  I know am done doing making things to get him back in my present life but it was just the past where I stayed along with him. I could see him driving in a heavy rain and I tightly hugging and holding him from behind. Resting my head on his back and playing with dripping hair with my fingers.
     Its all wet around and yes, even m gine wet with my tears of remembrance.
I couldn’t sleep.

Today’s thoughts….,
“Past can never be erased when it really  y touched our soul and you can never come out of it when your heart desires to be there forever.”


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My daily thought – (5)

I was busy writting my exams, its was really a good questionnaire which I had done my best in answering all I knew. I was satisfied writting, when suddenly I realized.
I had done a big huge mistake in attempting the questions was that section B and section C, haf two different booklets to write and I was engrossed in writting that I had started my questions of section C in section B booklet.
Ohh holy crap!!!!
What should I do now, had no time to cope them again in the C booklet and that too many pages of what I had written. It really made me so tensed. I enquired about the confusion I had committed to the invigilator who was in charge then. She told to just mention on the C sheet that your remaining answers are on B booklet and I did as tolded and continued writting.
Papers done. But it’s tension still lies within me somewhere because its is my final exam’s first paper.
They nor expained us about the patter nor I demanded as I was involved with only my writting.
Small mistake and I hope I don’t have to suffer later because of this.
I hope it gets solved as the papers are going to be corrected in our university only.
I informed then and there about it to the department teachers.
Now I can just study for tomorrow, sit and hope for the best.

Today’s thoughts…,
” Few things are alwaya neglected when you get what you wanted and your busy engrossed in it. So, always stay alert while your busy with your life’s turnovers….. Some things might just miss and you may have to regret later”