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My daily thought – (2)

From evening walk I was returing back to hostel, with few packages of daily goods of utility. The serene has turned cloudy as its a weather of rain. I stepped in my room and emptied the packets in the in the container of snacks. And then my eyes went on the box of chocolates my roommate had purchased for gifting her dear mate. The way she asked me to help her in wrapping the sweets, I instantly took the red gelatine paper from the drawer. Which I had once brought for myself to get used later.
Within that moment, my thought lost its control and wandering in past it walked away soon. There was no time to stop my self feom remembering him at once. And the memoriea sailed the oceans of time.
Heart became num and I wanted him here. As it was not possible I tried to get normal and ran from my emotions that has reach the edge of my eyes.
I saw her deliberately decorating.
I remembered my days when it was done so heartedly. I was over filled from my emotions within. And realised it’s not easy move ahead in life. Unless you except it and smile at it and give yourself sometime to be in it.

Today’s thoughts.,
“However hard you try to not remember your past moments, it will arise the very instant you resemble anything related.”

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Dusty visions,
Crossing across my eyes,
Deep in the darkness,
Can here some loud cries.
Lefts giggling,
Winds creating hunted noise,
Prints of past footsteps,
Seems I have the same size.
Cloudy white,
The girl cudding down the tree,
Tears flowing as if,
Her pains are getting free.
Cuming closer,
I noticed the marks,
Which lying on my arm,
Resembling so similar.
She turned around,
With her teary face,
Shocking me to death,
As it was me in case.
Tied to the palm tree,
She desired freedom,
Handle full of support she needs,
Thats what made me come.
Untying the knot,
Hands I extented to her,
Instead of coming along,
She pulled me toward her.
Gripped tightly,
Unable to face her strength,
Deep down the valley,
I was being pushed then.
With shouts and frights,
I opened my eyes,
This is what I think means Nightmare,
That came tonight in my sight.


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Aisa nai ki mujhe teri yaad aati hi nahi….

Aisa nai ki,
Mujhe teri yaad aati hi nahi,
Aisa bhi nai ki,
Tere bina jee pati bhi nahi.
Ankho mein sapne aaj bhi hai.
Dil mein pyaar ussi tarah basa hua hai.
Fir bhi darr hai ki kahi tut na jaye dil,
Tu sab chodke aake mere sapno mein aaj mill.
Dil tadap jata hai,
Tere yaad jab jab aaye…
Nazar jaha dekhe wahi,
Tu nazar tab tab aaye…
Aisa nai ki,
Mujhe tere yaad aati hi nahi,
Yaado ki duniya mein,
Aaj bhi rehti hu ab wahi.
Tanhaiyaan faile hu kaali raat ki tarah,
Dasta hai ab ye tere mere faasle.
Zidd tod ke sab chodke,
Aaja iss tarah,
Do lehere milte hai sagar mein uss tarah.


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“Problems are important to live life…”

Walking on the path,
Covered with velvet sheet,
Foot resting softly,
Taking each step with ease.
Within few miles of walk,
It getting all freeze.
Bleeding leg,
With the prick in pain.
Leaving the mark,
To get back the lane.
Blowing breeze,
Hustling your fame.
With efforts moving ahead,
There is totally no shame.
Problems arise,
Difficult it gets to drain.
To fight with such situations,
In the path your trained.
Strumming emotions,
Avoided situations,
Making us strong within,
To face the world’s confusions.
Problems makes us go tough,
There comes a time we just sit and laugh.
It never in life gets solved,
But later makes no sence to get involved.

That’s why it’s said,
“Problems are important than solutions to live life.”

Trust in him
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It’s better to be SINGLE…

Giving your self to someone else,
Doesn’t mean loosing your identity.
Living each day for someone’s happiness,
Doesn’t mean fading your own in dignity.
You love him— I Agree,
You can’t live without— I See,
It’s difficult for you— I Know,
But protect yourself respect wherever you go 》》》

Don’t let him handle your emotions,
May it be any possible solution,
It will never be better like this,
Giving your desires will not make him fixed.
He loves you too— I Believe,
He cares for you— I See,
You can’t except the fact—
I understand,
But forget to see yourself, where do you stand.

Compromising is a different thing,
Changing your self totally doesn’t
makes sense,
If Loving and Understanding is all you gave—–
“It’s better to be single than hurt by someone who doesn’t realize what they have….”


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My daily thought- (1)

You had told me last night you’ll cal me.
Even thought I knew you wouldn’t be able to make it by some or other reasons.  I waited till 11.30 and then kept cel on normal mode with highest frequency. And slept.
Got up at 5 with sudden jurk and scolded myself for not replying for your calls due to deep sleep. I ran to check my mobile phone.  And here I see…. There are no cals nor any msg left. You didn’t called last night I realised. Sadly I returned and lying down on bed,
I realised that may there be reasons for not keeping your words and ditching me like this. But things have really changed And I have to accept the fact.
It’s not just easy to accept this change in our relationship but the cruelty is that I have to even if my heart doesn’t desire off.
Each day with a hope that it will get better but it seems so difficult that its impossible to keep it even normal.

So today’s thought…  “Never give yourself to someone so much that when that person leaves you.., you are left out with nothing but only emptiness. “


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How can a night be good without you?

Good night,
What’s good about this night?
Everywhere darkness,
You are away from my sight.
Streets walking along with me,
Hoping to meet you on the way.
Silence has grown so deep,
Still can’t you hear me if I say?

Twinkling stars,
Why you moved distant so far?
Thundering clouds,
Your arms not here to hold me hard.
Watery black turned around,
Chilling the night when you not here,
Everything tonight has gone sound,
Without you each night makes me fear.

Missing you near,
Missing you close,
Your presence clould have made me go instantly to dose,
Without any sleep I am dreaming of you,
How can a night be good without you???


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“Na jane ye kya hogaya…”

Na jane ye kya hogaya,
Na jaane….
Na jane dil kaha khogaya,
Na jaane….

Na jane ye kya hua,
Dil mera khone laga,
Betabi chane gayi,
Yaado mein rehne lage ho mere sanam…
Mere sanam… mere sanam…

Ab kya hoga kisse hai pata,
Jindagi mein tu hi har jagha,
Bekhudi badne lagi,
Ashiqui aane lagi,
Yaado mein rehne lage ho mere sanam…
Mere sanam.. mere sanam…

Ye kya horaha hai,
Dur mujhse tu jane laga hai,
Ye kya horaha hai,
Dur mujhse tu jane laga hai,
Tanha tu chod chala,
Dhundu tujhko har jagha,
Har jagha tere ahat se baate karne lage..
Khone lage…
Yaad aane lage ho mere sanam…
Mere sanam… mere sanam…


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Incurable injury…

No evidence of betrayal,
No clues of hatred,
No proves for ignorance,
No symptoms of pain.
Nor am I bleeding,
Neither I am crying,
No gushing of bloodstream,
Nor any cuts lying.

Its done,
I am all gone still,
Your ignorance for me,
Made me each day frill.
No blood flow rushing,
But my heart is being killed.
Your words spelled so crude,
That it made my love go thrilled.

No marks left,
Which can be healed,
No injuries seen,
Which can be shelled.
Knife’s cut would have being cured,
Your words tored my soul apart,
Accidental damages would have being treated,
You made my body go cold n stoned.



Essence of life…

Slipped between the fingers,
Trying to collect the past,
In the journey to make a name,
When did something made me smile the last???

Emotions were frequently ignored,
Friends were made to stand aback,
Family’s concerns made no sence,
When did all this took place seems like long time back???

Outings were also postponed,
Pincins were cancelled then,
No enjoyments, no attachments,
When did I unknowingly threw all these things in bin???

As a free soul…,
I am wandering all alone.
Thoughts crossing…,
Memories missed are shown.
Tears of achievements,
Or is it for what I missed???

“In the walks of this competitive world,
These are the essences of life which I failed to kiss…”

“Life is not a matter of milestones,  but of moments…”