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♥…Ab Maan ja…♥

Jana nai…
Kyu hai tu khudse khafa…
Mane nai…
Kyu tu hai mujhse unn juda..
Ab maan ja..
Ab maan ja..

Bhul hui..
Jo maine tujhe jana nai.
Pyaar ko..
Tere maine pehchaana nai.
Bhulja…Jo hui mujhe khata…
Ab maan ja..
Ab maan ja..

Har woh baat teri yaad aaye.
Unn bechaine badti jaaye.
Tere bin ab jeeya na jaye..
Ab aa bhi jaa..
Ohh ooo… Ab maan ja..
Ab maan jaa…

Nadani kehde ya kehde tu bachpana.
Pyaar main tere,
Has ke sahunge har saza.
Unn na sataa….
Kal ke liye apne dilko na rok…
Ab maan ja.. ohh ooo.. Ab Maan ja..

Ab maan ja..!

Am just tired of being used..!

Right now I am feeling like I am used,
When no one to talk or when your moods are fused,
You need me all that time,
And I am always there for you,
Without any excuse.
I make you smile,
I de-stress you cries,
Hearing all the crap of your,
With an supportive eyes.
I pamper,
I joke,
When its not effective,
I even behave like a mock.

But it hurts at the time,
When you’ll behave like this,
When your issues are done,
Your treat me like this.
Its irritates me more,
When you do comparing.

No credits I wanted,
No praises in return,
Only smiles of yours was my wish.
Each day I can be rocking for you,
If you respect me for what I did.



My subconscious mind..!

The past triggering thoughts,
I wanna erase.
They play with my emtions,
And moves me like a maze.
I ignore them,
I hide them.
Even if it arrives,
I narrow them.
With the open eyes,
I can avoid.
As the sleep stuck,
My subconscious mind stricks.
It thinks so much,
That it’s beyond any limits.
When I am out of everything,
It acts like a summits.
With tears it fills,
Makes me even smile.
Wakes me at the midnight,
With horror apart of mile.
Imagination contacts,
Each thoughts gets life.
My subconscious mind awakes,
Which my brains ignore in live.

My subconscious mind.

Nothing seems like, I am at “HOME”.

Last two months passed,
I have been living here alone.
Girls are many but,
Merely interest shown.
From morning till the end,
All in a routine.
Packed with four walls,
And two windows for air to come in.
Though the same bedsheets,
Not the same bed of mine.
It makes so much difference,
That sleeping for hours doesn’t makes me shine.
Alarm clock to wake me up,
I miss my dad’s call.
Hot breakfast indeed I get here but,
Can’t be compared with my mum’s taste at all.
Friends here to flock around,
Still the echos our three sister’s sound.
It’s forming a family as whole,
But nothing seems like I am at “HOME”


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“I Wanna Be like THE FLORIST!!”


I wanna sell happiness,
I wanna sell joys,
I wanna be like the florist,
Who sells the colours of life.

Each bouquet is filled with love,
Each flower in it blooms,
I wanna be like the florist,
Who adds emotion to your drives.

Freshness of the buds,
He truns them to flower,
I wanna be like the florist,
Who makes peoples smile by just guesture.

Variety of floral,
Variety of thoughts,
I wanna just be like the florist,
Who moulds them perfectly texture.

Fragrances of nature,
Colours of life,
I wanna be like him,
Who makes our moments glimpse.

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Kaise rahu tujhse dur????

Kaise rahu tujhse dur,
Hai dil tere pyaar main majbur.
Kitna sahu tere duriyaan,
Tere jane se khogayi mere sari khushiyan.
Har waqt bas thamsa gaya hai wahi,
Tere jane ke baad, bas yaade rehgayi.
Dil roj tere yaado ko le kar jaagta hai,
Har shaam tere ehsaaso ko gale lagake sota hai.
Sirf intaazar, sirf intaazar…..
Kaise hai tera ye pyaar??

“Kaise rahu tujhse dur??
Khogaya hai mera wajud aur hogayi hu main khudse hi dur….”


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I was born with nothing,
Than why is this fear of lossing you?
I was not giving anythng,
Than why is this emptyness in me?
Each desire I packed in a case,
I dont want them now in any case.
Expectations which grew in me,
Disappointment was left all in hand you see.
Desire to reach the top of achievement’s roof,
All broke me and made me droop.
No love, no war- it said,
I am all lost in this field at the end.
Food, clothing and shelter is all what we need to live,
No more emotion in me will now fill in.
Hands emptied and heart distressed,
Surrendering everything left to come out of this mess.
Living is all what I wanna continue,
Divine seeks only the purity of soul I knew.


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“The WAIT”


Floating in the tides of your love,
Fighting each layers to rise upon.
Misunderstandings misleaded emotions,
Broken trust widely growing on.

Words expressed,
Emotions distressed,
You decided to leave….
When I was following your asserts.

Years of attachments,
Made my hopes grew strong,
I known you have gone far….
But definitely still there us nothing wrong.

Each sunrises… fills me with your presence.
Each nightlife…. surrounds me with your essence.
Your words still echo in my ears,
Your sights still picturized into my eyes,
Your touch still runs deep down my soul,
Your love will always be waiting for your call.

“The Wait…” one day will be tired with my wait,
That day once again you will be my date.
Days as it passes…. its making me stronger within,
Your memories inside me…. makes me fall me love with you again and again..!!!


Will I Find A Way To Find Myself???

Giggling, laughing,
This was I.
Silence and sadness,
Used to cry.
Handfull of happiness,
Shared each day.
Left-out with nothing,
To give today.
Words have lost,
And have no scope.
Action deny,
Fail to shop.
Eyes lost it’s shine,
Lip burried it’s smile.

Each day I try to breath,
Finding myself in the lost sheets.
Pages reminds what all I did,
Still clueless was it really me???

Lost in a loads of books shelf,
Will I find a way to find myself???


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Memories remain till the last breath…!

“Just remember, you cant put your arms around a memories,
So hug someone you love, today.”
   This is what really touched my heart.

The way you made me laugh,
I still remember the days that passed.
The way you looked into my eyes,
Your gaze still remain deep in dark.
Uplifting words,
Unending cares,
Enormously shares,
Never-ending emotions,
Unconditional love,
It was just you and me!!!
The way you holded my hands,
I still feel your touch on it.
The way you hugged me,
each time we met,
Your arms are still stuck and accordingly set.
The way you spent each minutes with me,
Each second even today are still present with me.

The way you left me smiling alone,
You may be disclosed and far away,
But your memories will remain till the last breath.