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Tales of such Millions…is The Rise of the Fallen!!!

******Gone by the wind, Brought by the Air,

Damaged by an incident, Repaired by a situation….******

******Melted by the fire,  Molded by the cold,

Crushed by the rock, Built by the stone….******

Tales of such millions… is the Rise of the Fallen.!!!

images 9








******Deep like an ocean, Shallow like the shore,

Silent as the night, but Loud as an explore….******

******Tied by the rope, Free-ed by the wings,

Doors shut ahead, with Windows to see springs….******

Tales of such Millions… is the Rise of the Fallen.!!!










****** Gone by the dreams, Reality stepped in,

Cope to rise again, Hopes to rise again….******

******Walked on the petals, Thorns brought the pain,

Hands to cure the wound, Made the heart lane….******

Tales of millions… is the Rise of the Fallen.!!!







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Way to heaven!!!









“I am tired Lord,

From your created world.”

Oops!!!, from the world transformed by me.

Just take me to you and

Let my soul rest in the beds of roses.

The sandals,

The blaming,

The carelessness,

The betrayals,

The hatred,

Each things are replaced now,

From the love that you showered,

The raises and the flowers,

The care and the brotherhood,

All are getting lost somewhere.









Please take away my soul and let it be punished,

Punished for neglecting you,

For blaming you,

For scolding you,

For everything I cursed you to happen in my life.

I realize,

I encountered,

I sensationalized,

That I was made to pay for all what I did.

As the path seemed relaxed and pampering….

I got detached from the world

And walked on WAY TO HEAVEN.





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Missing you….

I miss you or you are missing from me.

I can feel you or its you there feeling for me.

Like the winds your flicker in my mind.

Like the water your swimming in my mind.

Like the sand your blowing from here to there.

Like the fire your burning in my mind.

Just come again and hold me tight,

I am living or its you who is keeping me alive.

I am smiling or you are making me smile.














              THE MORE I THINK OF YOU,







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A sand art or is it related to my life???

The fine refine sand spilled over the glass,

Hands moving around it painting an life out of .

The curls on hair were similar to mine,

The face that is carved, resembles mine shot of .

Within an instant, the image changed,

The hands moved and a face was drawn.

It looked similar to my love,

And you and me were shown.









I got mesmerized along and lost all my pain,

When i opened my eyes, he was all gone.

As of my life, he came and he went unsaid,

The sands got pictured so similar that my past was born.



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And It rained again….

The clouds covering all the shine,

Making the creatures aware of the dine.

The droplets rushed themselves to the ground,

And it rained again, washing away all my pain.

Heavy Downpour











Body’s wounds got cleared by the water’s touch,

Heart’s fire got extinguished by the rain’s gush,

Peace surrounded me from all the core,

Oceans of love guided me to reach the shore.















And it rained again….

Healing away all my pain.

Curing my heart-break and the hat-red,

Making me alive and living once again!!!!












“Everybody wants happiness,

Nobody want’s pain,

But you can’t have a rainbow,

Without a little rain!!!” 🙂


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Why do memories have flashbacks?

A memory is suddenly and unexpectedly revisited,

A memory is unburied from the coffin of past.

A memory is opened from the door which was locked,

A memory is cleared from the fog that had been cast-ed.













A small region of our brain is responsible for this,

when we want to forget somethings,

it makes us imagine it.

A small section of our life is blamed for this,

when we want to ignore somethings,

it makes us remember it.

A small clue we are given or the hints about our past,

the subconscious mind stores everything,

that we never want to bothered about it.









It hunts us in the night time,

It hurts us in the day.

It makes the tears flow along,

It makes the smile remain for what so ever,

Cheerful, happy and gay!!!!





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You walked in my life,

And happiness flushed in like a gushing river.

LOVE is the only thing,

We thought of and made us shiver.

images 6







With naughty stuffs and cuddling moments,

Each day walked like embracing me.

The smiles you made on the saddest face of mine,

Each tears you wiped like concurring me.

images 8







Seasons became a reason to celebrate,

Days became a passion to treat along,

Each minute became a craziest phase to live with,

All moments became a memorable street to walk throughout this life.

couple-in-rain (4)











Along with you each day is happening,

Along with you each moment is cherishing,

Along with you each second means meaningful,

For each day along with you is a VALENTINE’S DAY!!!





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When your lips touched mine!!!

An essence of vibration shattered all around,

When you first time came near,

I wanted to get drowned.

images 2







The waves of love floated on each para of moments,

When you came much closer,

I slowly closed my eyes, which had to happen.

images 3








The slightest distance apart you stopped,

When the vibes became strong,

I grabbed you tightly near.










The heart beat exceeded the level ,

When the sound became audible,

I desired to get lost in the shiver.

images 7









The touch i felt when your lips locked mine,

When your lips touched mine,

I vanished other thoughts rather that what was happening.









The soft and the wide bites commenced,

When you made me feel your love,

I felt- the feel was out of this world.










The lips amongst  fought bravely,

When the craze was fighting to win,

I got a new life which was built from you.













The madness of your love- you showed me baby,

When you made me fell in love with you again,

I decided to grow each day with you,

So that you can love me more!!!!



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Want to be in your arms again…




Your close, so near to me,

Your hands pulled me and grabbed completely.

No space left between us to separate us,

Even the heartbeat coincide within.

Your hands pressed me hard,

Your skin touched mine and became one.



images 1







Your fingers tingled my back,

Giving me spake to free myself completely.

Your touch, your cuddling,

Made me lose my senses and hold you tight back.

Pulling your hairs while holding at your neck level,

You made me go crazy, with the hug you gave for few seconds.












I carved for more but you stopped me instantly,

And walked away like an unknown.

As i saw you walking away, i ran from be-hide,

Grabbing you again and holding till you realized that,

Even as you go, you can’t make my feeling go away with you.










You turned and we became one.

Now it has been so long and the feel is still the same.

Want to be in your touch again,

Want to feel the senses again,

Want to be in your arms again….

Wanna hug you baby!!!!








Why you left me alone, without even letting me know???

You met me- I met you.

You smiled at me-I felt emotions running in me.

You came close to me- I heard my heartbeats growing loud.

You touched me- I became alive and real.

You loved me- I loved you.














You walked along with me- I trusted you more than my soul.

You hold-ed my hand in yours- I walked on the path with closed eyes.

You spent so many years with me- I stayed smiling with all whatever happened.

You suddenly disappeared- I turned to stone and was left all alone.

You disagreed with our relationship bond- I tried to make you feel and remember.

You confessed your hatred- I cried and wiped aloud.

You went away far- I was left alone in dark.

you hated me- I still love you.










Why you had to leave me alone,

Without even letting me know that you left???

Why you had to decide alone,

Without even making me realize it?

Why you had to hate me,

Without even making me feel that you do?







“You -Me”

Forever our “WE”…