Love has changed its meaning, from what it actually is!!!!

People have forgotten the meaning of love,

it’s just become a word used in order to make oneself fashionable and popular.

love has being decline and hidden in all walk of the present life, from the past true love.

people’s lust they call it love.

people’s attraction they call it love.

people’s possessiveness- they call it love.

if any person is making him or her smile they call it love.

but what does love actually mean?????????

do you all know and can tell me???????

where is the care for each other’s feelings?

where is the respect for one’s thought?

where is the sweet and naughty stuff people used to do to make loved one smile?

just getting immersed in this fake world.

just getting lost in the unreal life around…

even if one try to be actual and real to her or him self,

he will never will as the people and society will never let that happen…

why do people just don’t act real to at least himself….?

guys please just be real and what you are, never try to change or try to change,

anyone you love or care for…that will called actual love- love truly done from heart.

don’t let the word love be ashamed in its own way!!!

just open up and love your loved one as you are and let them feel that they are special.

love you all guys….!!! 🙂

just think about it, it can save many loved relationship.

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Mere jindagi chupi the, tere saanso mein!!!

Khamosh dil ke kone mein,
Tum rehte ho aaj bhi unhe yaado mein…
Chup chap hogayi hai raahe,
Lekin aaj bhi mehsoos horahe ho tum raaho mein…
Mere har khushi, tere wado ke wajese hai aaj,

Warna muskurahat mere khogayi thi,
Tere jaane ke baad, tere khabo ke kisse kone mein…
Mat ja inn muskurate chehre par,
Dekhle aakar jara meri ankho mein.
Tujhse dur hokar mein jinda hi kab thi,
Kyuki mere jindagi chupi the tere saanso mein….
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My heart never falls asleep!!!!

From morning till the day ends,

Heart keeps on working, as a life long friend.

It saves each and every moments  in it,

Each and every detail is preserved in it.









May it be the cold wind blown,

Or let it be the summer’s fall.

Heart pumps the sences to be alive

And face the challenges of our life!!!









Deep hurts or the most joyful times,

It is continuous throughout our life.

It stitches its torn parts

And binds to beat even with the broken heart!!!










Never delays nor feels tired,

It keeps on supplying strength to live our life!!!

May it be the heart break ups,

Or let it get sudden depressed.

With all the worries and enjoyment of life,

My heart never falls asleep throughout its lifetime!!!

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‘*** Ek Nayi Duniya Mere Ankho Main***’’

‘*** Ek Nayi Duniya Mere Ankho Main***’’


Subha ki roshni main, Tazgi hain nayi.

Lehrate hawao main, Phulo ki khusboo bas gayi.

Lagne laga ye jahaa…… kuch kuch naya,

Chane laga hain nasha ……kuch kuch tera.

Jhumne lage mere kadam, Ab har dishao main,

Sapno main par lag gaye hai, Ab har khayalo main.

Aane lage hai,” Ek  nayi duniya mere ankho main….”


Naino main ek anjana sa, Chehra aane laga hai.

Akarke harpal me hazaro, Naye khaab sajaane laga hai.

Hoto pe hasi chajati hai, Uske aate he.

Dilke dhadkane badjati hai, Usse dekh he.

Usske har chote baato se, Pyaar horaha hai mujhe.

Uske har kahe hue labzo pe, Atbaar hogaya mujhe.

Karta hai ishare…kehta hai,

”tera saath dunga,jaaha chahege waha lechalunga.”

Rehne lage hai, “Ek nayi duniya mere ankho main….”


Chahe ab zameen asmaan hojaye, Ya sari duniya viraan hojaye.

Phulo se khusboo ab chahe ruth jaye,

Ya suraj se kirne anjaan hojaye.

Tere kadmo ke nishan par, Chalna hai mujhe.

Tere saath jindagi main, Rehna hai mujhe.

Bahome tere jeena- marna hai mujhe.

Aise hai,” Ek nayi duniya mere ankho main….”


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The Silent night….makes the loudest cry!!!

As midnight walk each night,

Some kind of hidden emotion invades in me.

Light all dim and silence prevail,

The loudest voice is made inside me.

Slowly your touch becomes alive,

The heart aches with the hurt inside.








Enormous questions keep’s spinning within me,

The darkness you did… keep’s killing from inside.

The nails of your betray punches me hard,

Skin is intact but each cell bleeding  inside.

Some kind of hormones is secreted with the emotion,

I couldn’t make myself comfort… it dies thinking of you.









I hate you so much for all the hurt you gave,

Heart searches beautiful moments even-though from them.

The night goes silent, the lights get dark,

I scream all night as the tears rushes out.

Death seems the only option left be-hide,

Its seems so easy instead of living this kind of life.

It’s all my fault for i love you so much,

With all the cries you gifted me,

Which i have never dream as such.












Lonely the night goes,

Silent the cries,

Slowly the eyes close,

The sleep comes tight.

With all the worst time i lived with you,

I promise myself to never ever love anyone like you.

May with the sleep, my body turned numb,

What about the soul that shed blood each day, each second of my coming life….?


No One Can Erase The Past…






Past is like a season,

The time you think its gone,

It arises with new spring or storm fall.









Past is like a dream,

The moment you open your eyes,

It disappears but stay forever in subconsciously.









The moments good or bad,

The time wasted or utilized,

All seems just passed but never can return forever.









Moments sweet or the phases depressed,

May it be ugly or the most beautiful once,

Once its gone… gone forever,

No one erase the past of their life,

Will have to learn with it… smiling in every sight.











Living life with each sequence it comes,

That’s the challenge of this time.

The worst-est dream,

The hurt-ed heart,

The frustrated thoughts,

The burdened responsibilities,

May it be whats so ever,

No one can erase the past forever.









Past plays the hide and side with our present,

Seems treasure hunt for our future.

With all the games it plays with us,

It can’t be erased for ever from us…!!!




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God’s still creating my love story!!!!

On the shore  last night,

I was wondering all alone.

With twinkling stars and lightening moon,

The sparkling water spread all around.










The coolness of the wind-blown,

The darken of the night grew along.

Just a thought, why am still all alone?

No hands to hold  mine,

No tears to flow along with mine,

No foot to walk with mine,

No lips to touch mine,

No arms to embrace me.









Still waiting with heart open,

With patient and dedication.

Friend’s  talk seems interesting,

No rush and hurry,

Some where, someone is also waiting for me,

Some where some time, I will meet  him,

He is too waiting to love me,

The love in my heart is also fill in him….













I m waiting…dreaming…searching….

But my heart still dreams of the unreal love coming….






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Colors of life…

The Eyes so black and white…

Have the ability to see all the colors brights.









The Sky so pale and dully plain…

Paints itself with the timing of sun rise and set accordingly.










The Rivers running so up and down blankly…

Filled with the reflection of nature green and sky blueishly.












 The Diamonds so colorless and shiny…

Fills light and color in it from all its surrounding.










The flame of candles so bland and lightening…

but lights the worlds around enabling us to see the color around.









The mirror so sharp and blunt…

but can capture all the shades same and perfect.

















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A small drop of tear…

Blowing wind…blew my hair,

On the edge where I stood, near the long door,

Earphones plugged in the ears,

Eyes trying to capture the nature… all around,

Deep with the words.. my mind went on,

Deep hidden memories flashed on and on….












Distance grew or shortened, don’t know?

But something within me, turned to be something unknown.

Sudden halt of train with it, the wind stopped.

A small drop of tear rolled all alone,

With full of tears in eyes,

Which had been hidden long ago,

Forced one of them to remind me that I need to cry.








I took the dew on my finger…looked at it…

Than threw it away with the air blowing again.

I gazed at it, when I saw it fly…

Even all alone, it made me smile.

As a drop of tear reminded me,

How strong I grew from the past happened issues….