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In the hours of missing you…

Few old memories

Sunk deep in heart.

Few hidden love letters,

Kept all in cupboard.

Few sweet moment,

Brings tear in eyes.

Few hopes in heart,

Increases the heartbeats.









Few promises of your,

Still waiting to be full-fill.

Few naughty talks,

Brings slightest smile.

Few hard fights,

Makes me all alive.

Few unsaid phases,

Just passes with the time.








Few gifts unwrapped,

All seems worthless now.

Few moments reviled,

Which will never come back.

Few thoughts came,

I missed you all over again…..

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When dreams clashes with the reality!!!

Long back when I was small, sweet and innocent.

Daddy had said, “live your dreams…with each and every mean.”

Dreams than started flowing in my blood,

With each new day…my dreams got new.

New cycle, new bike, new car, new ride,

Each phase that I passed, my dreams were never satisfied.

When the desires one by one turned unreal,

I realized, all my dreams couldn’t be turned into real.

With every step I take, I face so many crowd,

With all my moves clear, still I am taken all down.

All alone I stand, with so much emotion and fear,

My heart fails to understand, the fact of the real.

So frustrated from trying, so tired of crying,

Why my luck doesn’t favors me?

And stops me from moving high.

All my dreams slowly did vanished,

But still few faded picture lies somewhere inside.

I wanna make all my dreams come true….

But Dreams in reality never comes true,

Just disappears as and when I open my eyes…

I search recollect all my black and blank thoughts of night,

But it hurts so much…!!!!

When dreams clashes with the reality of life….