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Told and forgotten!!!!

In the serene of your presence,

I had chosen to be yours and the way you want.

With whatever you told, I had agreed with all.

When the light of freedom stroke upon me,

My heart forgot the words I had promised you.









The smile with you had always made my heart compel,

The shine gave me the satisfaction to be content with soul.

The thoughts which I had closed to be in the shell,

With that bright rays melted its presence.








I had told you but this made me forget,

I had promised you to be in your boundaries,

But this enlightenment made me forget it….

But not you and your love!!!!

Just a breath of myself and the shade of my life,

It hardly took some time to make me what I was….

From before… the original me!!!








But I had promised to be yours and as you chose me to be…

I had told, promised you…but this time again I’ l never again forget!!!

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Written with no mean!!!








Looking blankly at the screen, Today I don’t know

And even don’t  understand what my heart means!!!

Getting no thoughts what I can write,

Getting no words to frame whats on my mind!!!

Little depressed or maybe I am not,

Little bit tensed but don’t know for what!!!

With no efforts I wrote the above lines,

Which came out of my senses and made me little smile…

So stupid and idiotic my thoughts could be,

Even by knowing this, you’ll all tent to read….

Now you too must have smiled and taken a notice,

That with no great word, I had made you read all this!!!


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Relationship and peaceful….are related to each other!!!!

A Boy and a Girl were Playing Together,
The Boy had a Collection of Marbles..
and The Girl had some Sweets with Her..!

The Boy told the Girl that;

“he will give her all His Marbles
In Exchange for Her Sweets..”

The Girl Agreed;
The Boy kept the biggest
and the most Beautiful Marble Aside;
and gave the Rest to the Girl..!
But The Girl gave Him all Her Sweets
as She had Promised..=)

That Night, the Girl Slept Peacefully,
But the Boy couldn’t Sleep as He kept Wondering
If the Girl had Hidden some Sweets from Him
the Way He had Hidden His best Marble..=(

->Moral of the Story:
If you don’t give your 100% in a Relationship,
you’ll always keep Doubting;
If the Other Person has Given His/Her 100% !!

This is Applicable for any Relationship;
Give Ur 100% to Everything U do & Sleep Peacefully..! =)

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The shades of loneliness…

When I was been built,

I was happy and gay  to meet new people everyday,

People came on me and all went,

But no-one to stay constantly,

Although I was lonely street,

With all my firmness and hopes….

I wanna live forever and help all the footprints made upon me…









When I got broken into small mud,

Was slowly being made into dust,

Although I was lonely hill,

With all my pride and head high….

I wanted to stand still throughout my life…









When I learnt to fly alone,

My crew left me in wide and spaced around,

Although I was lonely bird,

With all my efforts and strength….

I wanted to learn to be free and independence…








When I got detached from my roots,

I flew along the wind,

Although I was a lonely leaf,

With my ups and down….

I wanted to feel the sky and set myself free…



Indian culture teaches us to fold hands and bend….in respect to all who respect us and also who don’t!!!!
India changes it shape and pride according to the people living in it…
A boundary of love, care and respect….
culture, religion, and all the traditional aspects
makes India a unique place to live in…
The colors of India…. so rich and beautiful!!!
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With the hope that one day you will feel for me back.

It is hard to get you back…
The last night I really missed you..
The online chat and with all the love I showed,
It all went waste when you still didn’t turn to me.
The second’s appearance I got on video calling,
It gave a hope you will be back, 
When I caught you with tears.









Things turned out again what it was…. hurting and sad,
When words you texted meant all was just a crap.
I slept without a drop of tears in my eyes,
As I got low with this usual talks.
Next day began with false smile on my face, 
But with the hope that one day you will feel for me back.









Friend consoled me and told me the same,
“He will be back one day, you just don’t give up.”
With smiles shedding I lived each sec now, 
Suddenly I got a MSG with an unknown number and life got puzzled again.
I felt it was he, texted me being the third person all in all new to me.









But then he acted so well that even my heart got confused..
He told, ” He was your past, I m your future and what to say about present it’s all in front of you”.
I got furious and busted to the secret guy.

Who seems to know me well?

But the difference is that he is unknown to me. 

I thought it was the one, I am already in love.








I didn’t replied him then, as I can only love you,

Even if you doesn’t it will never bother me.

I hope it is you, the secret guy I think..

As I really miss you a lot and the love which is lost.



My new life…

Alone, i have to walk on the new path,
Alone i have to find the new one, who is alone.
With huge institutes all around,
I have to search myself within them.
Different fragrance of drugs, diferent people colourd n covered white.
different lifestyle all together.
I am learning new methods to treat patients, learning to put my legs in there shoes.
Happy that i’ll be called a doctor…
my new life taking a turn.,
I want to entry in this with keeping my past and loved ones close to my heart’s:)