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Living in love until we die!!!







I walked alone on the path to meet you,

The winds gave me clue when your presence came close.

You came all of sudden, holding tightly from behind,

As your eyes met mine…wild wind started to blow.







So cool my skin turn but in compare to you,

It was just burning hot.

Your touch made me real,

You’re the love of my life.

Your talks, your words,

Your love, your care.












All you gave me and the more I deserved.

I love you my babbu, and will love forever…

May god take my soul, my body?

I will be living in love until i die.










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He likes my thoughts but not the words… my writing is my love…

Each time I write,

I wish he would read.

All the posts I make,

I thought he will be plead.

The truth behind my words I write on my wall,

It’s not really fake but includes all real.

My fingers type what my heart orders,

The hidden emotions just flow over.

I didn’t mean to hurt you,

By making poems like this.

All the emotions you give me,

I preserve it by doing this.

I write your love, your care,

Your hurt, your trust.

All the words are just a mean to express.

I love you my baby for helping me in finding Me…

I never would come across writing and stating such things,

Your presence in my life had made me new in all.

The best out of me,

Is all because of you.

Your presence in my life,

Had help me in finding ME…

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You are far but you put a smile on my face…

There was a time or a phase,

We used to be together with are words,

Or you say by only thoughts whole day.

We used to chat and talk for each seconds,

From morning till the day end.









I miss those days,

Our talks, our shares.

I miss the way you treated me

And fought to be with me each second.

Days have change so much the situation,

That today even few words of love is hardly expressed.










Your misunderstanding and care free nature,

Has dined me to a great extend.

I cry without a single tear in my eyes,

As i know you will not be there to wipe them.

I just patiently wait for the time to change again.








Even thought with so much of distance,

You are far but you put a smile on my face..


Not you now,but  your past days thoughts,

put a smile on my face and with it tears in my eyes..

But i wont cry as i know you will not be there to wipe them off my face.











I miss your presences and your touch so pure.

I miss the way to expressed your adorable love.

I miss you, the way you were.










With all the problems you were there with me,

To share it all with me.

I miss your daily work share,

I miss your face, your eyes with so much of love for me in it.

You are far but you put a smile on my face.


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“You and me in rain”

You and me stood beside each other,

Speaking, understanding.

I looked at the sea and their waves rather,

The flow so wild and still they manage to touch the shore,

The cold breeze till than continued blowing my hair.










Few last days issues, you tried to explain,

But i was hurt which stopped me to agree.

You told, shouted or blamed at my ignorance,

My tears which was hidden, started to spill out.









The fear of staying far from you and the pain with it,

The fear of long distance relationship,

Which made me miss you more these days.

I cried and cried hard enough for him to hear,

And feel my love and pain with the fear.








With my tears the black clouds accompanied,

The winds blew high and water poured from up the sky.

You walked towards me and held my hand,

As if you will never stay apart and far.









Your touch made me relax and pour my emotions freely,

With all the tears in eyes,

Your arms around helped me heel.

As you took me in your arms,

The drizzling started along with it the heavy rain.

No time and it all made us wet,

You shivered with cold,

I tried to keep you warm by my presence.









Suddenly, everything felt heaven and nature calmed my fear,

I got lost in your care and love once again,

With it once again a hope raised to live love strong and bold.

I never realized your wet lips on mine,

The sensational feel made me loosen up from that while.

So passionately we got into it and didn’t realized.










Within few seconds, the heavy rain made us come in real,

We looked into each other’s eyes and smile made everything cleared.

We drove back from the sea-shore than,

The ride in the rain,

Is more than just fun.







The drops making us more wet,

But there was no one than,

Who could stop us from being in LOVE…

Indeed “YOU and ME in RAIN”

Such a wonderful experience!!!!






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It left me HAPPY and HOPE to head my destiny….

 “It left me happy to and hope to head my destiny….”











It turned all dark when I closed my eyes…

Straight walking in the forest, my heart set to cry.

Had no clue or evidence left of getting back,

Making foot prints on the wet ground, which couldn’t be seen in black.

Don’t know how many miles I walked but even where I was going.

Suddenly I slipped and landed on the floor,

Which threw me deep inside it, all black and dark.











With closed eyes, I went deep down the land.

And then with in a second everything went out of sight,

When I landed on the arms, which was holding me tight.

I headed up and looked in his eyes,

Vanishing my fear and making my heart smile.

I got lost in him when his eyes met mine,

As eventually things around turned bright and shine.









With a white horse, he drove me far…in the clouds I think.

Even I dressed in white, as I noticed in a blink.

As he stopped, he again carried me on, “who are you?

I said as to know him more,

Ohh…. my dear princess, I am your prince.

It’s your world my lady and your desired destiny……..








Don’t know when he completed but I felt in love for him,

Closing my eyes slowly, I waited for him to commence.

His lips touched mine and I was reborn….with all the dark memories leaving behind….a new story was born.








It felt like a fairytale, once I heard from my mom,

My eyes opened up as the morning rays came to call…

I woke up and cleared dreams…

but it left me happy smiling…..

And hope to head my desired destiny…..