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A girl’s emotions…


I wanna search myself…









A girl’s life is an opened sky,

Where the space is provided but restricted to fly.

A girl’s thought is the deepest sea,

Where the fines are provided not left free.

A girl’s happiness is the spreading air,

Where the wings are provided but the limits are not fair.

A girl’s words is an unending phase,

Where listener’s ears are provided but yet left unheard.

A girl’s existence is always worshipped,

Where there are temples provided but not really praised.

A girl’s deeds are never demanding,

Where the loads of job is provided but never indeed an honored.

A girl’s dream is for aiming high,

Where there are hopes provided but never a helping hand to go along.

A girl’s sadness is never understood,

Where they share out smiles but others never notice, the tears filled.

A girl’s love is never-ending,

Where her life may end, but the love she keeps giving never ends.


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