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I will still wait for you…

i will wait for you.
Am waiting for you to come back..

Many days I walked with you.

Now why walking with you feels strange.

Many days I spent with you.

Then, why now you deciding my range?

Arguments and quarrels were always there,

But we were happily together without anybody’s care.

The love you gave me I will never forget.

But it’s also true that I will never again get.

You made me understand the meaning of life.

I desired that one day I will be your wife.

Eyes opened and dreams flew,

Tears left and emotions grew.

You gave me courage to make my dreams,

Now why you are the reason to break my dreams?

All the pages I wrote feels like burning,

Still your thoughts are deeply running.

You alone now and I am alone too,

May be leaving alone will make our understanding grow.

I love you the most and will love ever,

You will be with me or not,

Still I will wait forever…


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