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Even in loneliness, you are never gone..

Morning I got up with the ring on my phone,

It rang aloud and your name was shown.

My eyes filled with tears to see that you still loved me,

But the ignorance of my love was expressed from me.

I felt you felt great to hear my voice,

I received your call, as my heart had no choice.

You said, “Baby listen, please give me a chance.”

But the deeply broken soul failed to put glance.

I tried each spell to talk rudely,

But your love dear gripped me silently.

You told, “I will wait till the rest of my life.”

But my heart had moved away from you far aside.

The trust, the hope, the truth was lose,

The end of our love was the actual cause.

It felt like crying each and every time,

The thought that yesterday you were only mine.

We were together with all the fights,

Never knew that all that will grew up insight.

You tried until the night to make me all right,

But the stubbornness of my heart didn’t move aside.

Even if you try, I will never come back to you,

But it is also true I will never stop loving you.

Don’t think as if I am left all alone?

But even in loneliness, you are never gone…





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