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A lonely wandering bird…

a lonely wandering bird…

Wandering lonely in wide space,

Searching for some happiness,

Even in the saddest place.

I admire all other birds all in a troop,

Flying in the contentment of being amongst the group.

Everyday, I sit on the tree feeling all alone,

With the hope that some day, there will be someone and my loneliness will be gone.

Today, as the sun raise, I planned to fly in search of friendly mate,

I flew so far; so far, I went and reached to the pile straight.

There was charming part which attracted me,

It was a small purple lily waving happily.

I went to her and said, “How can you be so happy when you are alone?”

She smiled and replied, “When the nature itself is with me in every form here shown.

The air, the light, the beautiful sight and very thing you see,

Just turn around and you will see you are not lonely frown.”

Her every words changed my heart and it felt so happy, that it felt its happiness will never depart.

 I turned to move back my home,

Where the happiness is in plenty of form.

I smiled and said to myself, “The happiness I was searching was already there within me.”

Happiness in everywhere,

It on us to notice and try to see…


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