Always in my Heart..

Let me tel u something,
There was always a day I missed you,
In each thought you became real,
Hided with smile so I neglect you.

I don’t know how much it is true,
I believed and felt you missed me too,
Each day I tried to stay away,
But ended up typing a letter for you.

Wrote with the love,
Erased by tears,
I torn apart each pages,
So, I don’t keep any evidences of missing you.

Long waits for your calls and msgs,
My inbox showed your no name,
I searched you in each path we walked,
You disappeared like an insane.

My wait ended and I had no choice,
You covered my mind from each core,
My heart seems to not accept,
That you don’t love me anymore.

Atlast I write for you today,
Lets fall in love all over again,
With no promises and compromise,
With no limits to be together again.

Let’s it be pure and linked with the soul,
Let me just be with you till the world ends soon,
I only know that il love you forever,
Even if tomorrow, I live far away and with different lover.



Kash woh bachpan laut aaye,
Kash woh guzre pal laut aaye.
Har din ke subha jo tere sath hoti thi,
Kash woh subha ki mulakat laut aaye.
Harpal jinn lamho mein tere sath hasti thi,
Kash woh chehre ki hasi laut aaye.

Har din ke saath kayi sapne sajaye the,
Ankho mein kayi khaab bhi laye the,
Tere ruthne ka woh har pal aaj bhi yaad hai,
Kash fir tu ruth jane ke liye laut aaye.

Tere har baato mein jo bachpan beeta tha,
Tere har shararat mein jo pareshan hui thi,
Ankho mein ansu aate hi dur karta tha,
Kash tu ek baar fir mujhe hasane laut aaye.

Kash mera bachpan fir laut aaye….

Kab itni badi hogayi pata hi na chala,
Dil ki awaaz ko ann kaha kardiya,
Tu bhi to na aaya manane kabhi,
Khamoshi se sehti gayi teri narazgi bhi.

Logo ka kya kehte hai sabhi,
Aage badh jao… fir jeele jindagi,
Kaise khush ho jaun firse main abhi,
Mere to har khushi thi sirf tujhse judi.

Fir se ek baar mujhe tadpane aaja,
Fir se akela chodne ke bahane hi aaja,
Har baar jitna rulaya tha sab kiya maaf,
Ab fir se ek baar rulane hi aaja..


Scattered Relations

Far away moved on the hills,
Soul peacefully residing.
The serene of silence,
Within peace acquiring.

Each relations left on the path,
Emotions builting up till drowning.
The wisdom of aloneness,
Indeed happiness an carving.

Born and built up strong,
To face the surrounding.
Encouraged to follow only heart,
Is the only choice applying.

Everything is a matter of time,
For each relation for blooming,
Just a scattered part is left within,
Everything else is getting frowning.


I love you…

I started beileving in god now,
The feeling has gone so deep for you don’t know how,
The love that I m getting is not less,
But I want more becoz its really priceless..

First time I came to know that my heart is so lazy,
That just your smile had been driven me so crazy,
You may have fear that you will be lost,
But don’t worry Bacha, I will b always with you at any cost..

The day you came in my life,
That moment I decided to make you, my wife,
I know my this decision is absolutely right,
I know you will make my boring life bright.

I know; I m not a good writer as good as you,
The words are not enough for me to say about you,
This last line is only for you,
I love you, I love you and I love you… 



The art of loneliness,

The evoke of the emotionless mask,

I was living a life with silence,

All dead and in the dark.


You came like a sword,

Destroying all the sadness in me,

Making me alive and living.

You met me coincidentally,

Or it was planned by the almighty…

You and me became one in no time,

As it was all scripted by the destiny…


Like a fresh rising light,

You brightening my life,

Like a pure water devoted,

You washing away my ashen soul.

The fear to fall again,

The fear to get betrayed,

The fear of losing you indeed,

Is all that I pray never come true.


You seem to be an ANGLE,

Sent from the heaven,

Shedding away all my sorrows,

DESTINY is just a name carved by god,

Given to the person like you, my Love.

YOU call it DESTINY,

I call it meant to be,

But for US, It should be called only “YOU AND ME”

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Can you’ll help me pls…??

       It has been months I broke up with him. He left me alone n dan never returned. The love inside me just died than. N today am again thinking, smiling with fear n tears in eyes…  what’s this???
       His memories get related in my daily life but it never affected me by any mean, only upto some extent in some of the situations.  But I am going well after that.

And than “A” came. A is a person I met few weaks ago. He makes me smile, cares for me, is sweet, tough and understanding.
      He knows my whole past, he knows everything,  he knows my fear, he is also aware of my strengths.
      He feels, he is lucky to have me in his life n wishes to have me forever in his life….

      But is that really true????
I never felt, he is fake with whatever he say. My heart never felt.
And now, the love in me is questioning me, the reason to be still even after knowing that, ” yes, I am really n can be happy with him. He is just too perfect for me.”
      But the fear stops me. Makes me go num with the feel.

I can’t get into it right???
I had promised myself for waiting for him(past love) till I can???
How can I love anyone again after going through all that in past???
N the biggest question, should I actually get in this love n relationship stuffs????

Should I wait for him with whom I was happy n all sort of emotions with nothing knowing, whether he will return or its just an illusion? ???
Or should I be with this person whom I am happy with in the present???

      ;Guys what do ul feel about this kind of situations, where one’s principles are important or once feeling????

        What will you choose if you life give you two cases; your principles of life on one hand and your feelings and happiness on other????

Lets smile :)


Blooming hearts;
With the peace in mind,
Warmth of relief;
As the strong wind dried.
Freshness in each;
Breaths intake,
Freely, happily flying;
No compromises to make.
Smiling with the life,
Smiling with the strives.
Heart is rejoice,
With the present it decided.
Smiling is all that heals,
At the shore, each emotions are resided….

it is the only thing, 
Which will either warm your heart and soul or piss off others mood and life…
Both the ways; you’re the winner…..”

Dreaming with a Broken Heart…

When dreaming with a broken heart,
Waking up is the toughest part.
The day filled with love and red,
Am feeling all empty and all dead.

Missing You (1)

Dreams digging the pages of past,
Plans for the dreams which will never be cast.
All the images turned unreal,
As if I was hallucinating till then.
The list of desires,
Freezed in a moment,
All d fake life,
And in reality am living…



Glances of nature,
Searching through the blurs.
Descripting the images,
Making it real.
Cutting through the negatives,
Rolling out of reels,
Holding on the moments,
To cherish in the frills.
The art of captivating,
To remember in the future,
Smiling and turning to pasts,
It is the best way to relive the casts.

A box of plastic and few glasses within,
A camera soo talented,
It makes the memories of past;
                       in future all real…