Confabulation of thoughts.

A plausible yet imaginary memory, 
Ended up filling my gaps of thought since years.
You were no real with a false scenery,
It was no lies but a confabulation of my thoughts dear.
It was not intentional and will never will,
But I have no you, your unreal world makes me feel true.
It’s annoying, if you’ll know you will be trill,
But believe me if I say, they seems all real even with no clue.
All the memories, I created of my own,
To fill the empty gaps, to make my life happily alive.
Everything happened all these years,
Never had believed, that it will be all such a big unreal lies.
I hope you were true with no illusions,
You are alive and breathing real and with no hallucinations of mine.
May be the moments were all created in by me,
But the imaginary image of you was true as sun’s shine.





“Beauty in Dreams”

Closing the door from the world,
Opening your eyes into a new world,
It can be same for as to dreams,
Within no time you can abolish your dulls.
The best in dreams are that they don’t change,
As it’s not all real to chase you with fear.
You can create it and delete when you wish,
It take just seconds to lift you up with shear.
Believing in them and living it as true,
Beauty in dreams is for those who dream,
As future belongs to those,
Who trust in the beauty of  their dreams.
They are not real to hurt to if bad,
They will keep you smiling if it’s a sweet dream,
This is the beauty which lies in dreams,
It will end up teaching you, the art of living…


I am still in love

Calender pages have been turned,
Since you have gone from my life.
You are far away but,
Never far away from my sight.
Things have been tough,
When you hurt-ed me.
Even with it now, 
Love in my heart for you can see.
I am in love still with only you,
I know the fact it’s changed for you.
I can wait for you like for lifetimes,
Only if you want this from me.
Just a note at the end to add,
I always loved you and will always will,
But your millions of apologies,
Can never bring me back to you again…


Kiss me…!


Kiss me all over,
Kiss me like it has no end,
Over the mountains,
Untill the shores get all drained.
Kiss me with ur smile,
Kiss me like never before,
Over the rainbows,
Untill the season changes it’s core.
Kiss me with your skin,
Kiss me like forever,
Over the sunsets end,
Untill the morning has it new cover.
Kiss me to alive me,
Kiss me like your making me born,
Over the eras and lives gone,
Untill all new I am grown…!


“Friends”, will always be friends…!

Once a Friend,
Will always be friends,
It may grow deeper with time,
But will never have any ends.

From the tender age friendship,
Till the grownups in life,
We always wanted to be together,
Weren’t so much crazies even with all our fights?

The classes,
The lectures,
The funniest talks and
The craziest thoughts,
We were just living out bests,
But never realised how they turned into beautiful memories,
To cherish till the life rests.

So many years passed and we just turned out to be strange,
Lets get together again,
Just like so few years ago,
To get wet again in the monsoon heavy rain.

Forgetting the misunderstanding,
Forgiving the rudes,
Clearing the ego’s and grudges,
Lets make new friendship again.

Because I know you miss me,
The way I miss you too,
Lets give ourselves a new chance,
As we were friends best together amongst very other few.


” Friendship is the strongest relationship which is divine, love, relationship is all what is written in our destiny and fate,  but our friendship is the only relationship, we are free to choose and be with forever and ever…. and I choose you’ll…!”

When it gets hot, just chill yourself…!


The bright sparking sun,
Making it hard to beat,
November has taken a start,
And this global warming heat…!
Don’t put of your light clothes,
No winter clothing is useful here,
Gulp up the chillers in between,
To relax your regulators in mere.
Even in life and emotional world,
When life get tough and feels huge,
Living each day means sweating in disgrace,
Get your mind chill with dreamy cues.
Save the world,
Plant the greens,
Cut of the pollution,
Degrade the wastage,
Let your money save the world,
Otherwise there will come a day,
When money will be available,
But no air, food, water to buy…!

That I love you…!

Come close to me,
Walk a mile or two,
Just to let me know,
That you know, that I love you…!
Lemme tell you something,
You mean the world to me….!walk miles to me
Within all the fights,
The quarrelling nights,
All the ignoring sights,
with all broken ties,
That I love you…!
Come hold me tight,
Walk a mile or two,
Just to let me know,
That you know, that I love you…!
Lemme tell you something,
You mean the world to me…!
sweet fights
Leave all the past,
Only memories gonna last,
You and me at last,
Forever remember,
That I love you…!
Come kiss me fast,
Walk a mile or two,
Just to let me know,
That you know, that I love you…!
Lemme tell you something,
You mean the world to me…!
couple love


Main heer bangayi, ranjha bina…

Tere intazaar mein,
Din kaat ti hai…,
Katti na raate…
Tere naal ishq karke mein,
Sab chain kho gaya…,
Kho ya na beeti baate…

ashiq banke roye…
Rab hi jane,
Aisa bhi kyu hoye…(2)

Tere deedar mein……,
Haay main heer bangayi,
Ranjha bina…
Haay mein heer bangayi,
Raanjha bina…

Sare, sudh budh bhi khoyi,
Tere naal,
Dil jo lagayi.
Sare, rashto bhi bhulaye,
Tere naal,
Waade jo nibhaye…

Tu hi nahi,
Kyu tu bana,

Tere intaar mein,
Haay mein heer bangayi,
Raanjha bina…
Haay mein heer bangayi,
Raanjha bina…


“VIRGINITY…!” Is this really what matters to the men gender in INDIA???


A Question On Girls’ Morality – Youth Blog of India -

“Are you pure?”

asked the guy who came to see Seema for marriage.

“Pure??” Seema couldn’t get his question.

“Pure as in untouched?” he clarified.

Seema now understood what he wanted to ask.

“What are you looking for a girl to marry or ghee?”she replied agitated by such a


He was shocked at such a reply, but before he could say anything, Seema continued,

“Well you can say if there was an exam about ‘purity’ I wouldn’t top it!”

His family left.

Next day he rang up Seema’s dad and told him that he can’t marry Seema as she is a girl with low morals. Bang on!


Welcome to the progressive India where we claim to be modern people but still make Virginity a base to check a girl’s morals or her capability to become a good wife.

Today when we claim that women have an equal status in the society with that of men, we still are under the orthodox views of using a white bed sheet on the first night of marriage just to check the bride’s virginity!!

The guy may himself have slept with number of girls but he wants a “pure”/“untouched” girl as a wife.



just to satisfy his male ego that the girl he is going to spend his life with has been and will be only his “possession”.

If today a girl loses her virginity with a guy she loves truly but the guy turns out to be a cheat then she is tagged as a “slut”/“characterless girl”.!

MIND YOU these being the most decent words I can pen down,

else there are a millions of: more worse words in our mother tongue vocabulary.

I ask what is the mistake of the girl??

She loved a guy?

She slept with someone she thought she would marry?

Or, she now has lost her purity which would satisfy her to-be husband’s male ego and make him believe that she is fit to be his wife!

And again no answers I could get!

I completely support the fact that we Indians should not give up on our morals and accept everything that westernisation gives us but I wonder how can a biological wall in the girl’s body by breaking decide the level of her morals?

I mean Seema could have been a great wife, she was marrying the guy her parents chose may be she had a bad past., But all that was seen was that she wasn’t pure!

And I am forced to wonder that what would happen to those rape victims?

Who would marry those girls?

Moreover a girl from a sports background, has always been told by those orthodox distant relatives to Quit it, why? because playing may result in breakage of the “moral wall”!

“Urggghhh”.!that’s what  I have always thought after hearing that!!

Yes, I am also a girl, an Indian girl, who values her morals, for whom her “izzat” is priceless, who has always dreamt of her “raajkumar” coming on a white horse to marry her, and who has always planned her wedding dress!

But I am also a girl who belongs to the globalism world, interacts with the Opposite sex, loves, has break-ups, overcomes them and Smiles again and no one has a right to tag me any thing…

For that reason!!!!

I just request you that next time you go looking for a girl for marriage, search for a true heart and not something like “pure ghee”, because she ‘s gonna be your life partner and not your meal to satisfy your hunger of ego.

When you look at a beautiful girl coming dressed in a red lehanga leaving her world behind, to become a part of your world, accept her, make her life a bed of roses rather than testing her loyalty by making her lay down on a bed with white bed sheet because true love will make your marriage successful, her“PURITY” won’t.

just another way of gender discrimination.


So that we can proudly say we are proud to be Indians..: A lot of men think they are doing women a favour by asking for her hand in marriage, but let’s think about this :

She changes her name,

Changes her home,

Leaves her family,

Moves in with you,

Builds a home with you,

Gets pregnant for you,

Pregnancy changes her body,

She gets fat,

Almost gives up in the labour room due to the unbearable pains of child-birth,

Even the kids she delivers bear your name.

Till the day she dies…Everything she does, (cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents,bringing up your children, earning, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family relations, everything that benefit you…..sometimes at the cost of her own health , hobbies and beauty.

 So who is really doing whom a favour?

 Dear men appreciate the women in your lives always, co’z it is not easy to be a woman.

 *Being a woman is priceless *


proud to be women.

You just need to….

“Each one is blessed with the ability to be unique in its own way,
You just need to find out your uniqueness within you to be different from rest.
Each one definitely get a chance to start again taking the experiences along,
You just need to take that one step in life to know your purpose of life.
Each one had the power to create its own world entirely new,
You just need to find out where your strength and intuitions lies…”
Where ever you are now just—- START IT.
Whatever you have—- USE IT.
Whatever you can just—- DO IT….!