In the name of God….

In the of god and holy sprite,
I offend myself to deeds I did till now.
Devote to the world of peace,
And concure my strives and pain somehow.

It’s annoying to see,
People fooling in your names,
When you reside in my heart,
Why should I praise you in frames.

I trust you, Ohh Lord;
Please grant me petition,
So I can live a life without fear,
And rise each day to live without frustration.

Grateful for your blessings,
I love you my almighty,
When you have written my story of life,
I have to just walk on your path accordingly.


Building my castle…


Building up the castle of dreams,
The castle with simplicity and love.
Collecting the sand to shape it up,
To make it perfect and tough.
With consolations of thoughts,
I carve the emotions over it.
The sand is building my dream plan,
So the love we had could easily be fit.
Grasping it artistically,
Moulding into the peaceful attire,
With efforts and dedication,
So if you see, you could recollect,
This was the dream we had designation.
Ever since your far away,
I dreamed to make our dreams fullfill,
Just a step to convince my heart,
That one day we will meet on some hills,
The shore around the sand castle,
Representing the murmurs of my voice,
Even if I day I get lost or vanished,
You can feel me all over here,
With no problems and choice…..♥♥♥

Don’t you think

Just a simplified thought,
Don’t you think about me anymore,
All the memories of love we had,
Have you still closed your heart’s door.

A chance to get you back,
Get you back in my soul,
Let me know that u miss me too,
So I can regularly make you cal.

Time has healed each wounds,
Lets together remove the scars,
I will help you to over our differences,
Just come back to never go far.

I give you a chance to explain,
For the reason you moved apart,
Don’t you think your dead without me,
As someone has poke on heart a dart.

Stop nonsensical things you do,
Il except you without any word,
Don’t you think you love me still,
Just need to wash away the little mud.


Love is really Blind.

                             After an enthusiastic start at the morning, we three were walking in search for a place to rest our aching soles and relax a bit. The walk on the sand was like someone was dragging down each time we stepped ahead. The sand has also being stuck on our cloths and uncovered parts of our legs and hands. Its was slightly irritating and shabby but the enjoyment we had, ignored everything around. As we were walking, we found stairs outside someone’s rich flats vacant. Some group sitting there just walked out and than we increased our pace to occupy that place to sit indeed.

                           We, (I, Mohsina and Manali- my besties i found during the bachelors) are in the same college and profession. We have shared many moments of experiences of life together. and I am really very lucky to have them in my life.

So, where was I?????

                        hmm, yes. There we placed all our bags aside and extended our extremities to relax the tired muscles. We sat there for some times gazing at the waves, the people walking around, few children playing and swimming on the shore. We admired few couples in love and some in lust. we are busy discussing each thing happening around and suddenly i saw a boy sitting just down stairs where we sat. firstly we just saw and ignored. later when my eyes gazed at him, his eyes shined due to the water in t which was getting reflected by the raise of the afternoon sun.

“Mohsina, see that boy, I think he is depressed??” I said after stating my psychological knowledge.

“hmm, lets ask him if he is in any problem we can help him out with.” Mohsina added instantly.

” Every-time I have to make the first move, not here okay.” Manali said putting her point.

“hmm… Mohsina u call him.” i said. and there Manali said ” Excuse me, hey u.”

                            but he didn’t replied. he was really down and sad.

and than I walked down towards him sitting beside  I said, ” Is there any problem??? can we help you?”

                         Till than we they both came and sat around and he began,

” I am Armaan Kohli , waiting for my girlfriend from 7 am in the morning( i saw the watch it said “12.00″). Till now she isn’t arrived. she had promised to meet me over  here, the place we met for the first time in Mumbai. Her name is Preeti. She stays somewhere near Andheri station.”

” Do u know her address? whats her full name” we inquired.

” No, I don’t know And address I never asked her.” he said in low tone.

 ” How can u be so dumb to not know her last name and her address?” we responded in shock.

” I trusted her that’s why never asked her. Just knew whatever she told and never had brought these topic.” he said and wandered if he is new to all this relationship and commitment stuffs.

                        “We are in long distance relationship from 2 years. I met her in Delhi, when she had come for some family function for few days tour. She was sister of one of my friend. She came herself came forward and asked to take her out and show her Delhi, the next day of the function ended. And we spent a great time together than. I fell in love with her. We exchanged numbers and than long day and night chats and talks started. We talked almost everyday and I just loved her each day more. Even she said she loved me. Last year, when i have been here to meet her. We met over this place and sat her where am sitting now. But don’t know why she isn’t here.” and than went silent.

                             After hearing his story, we realized one thing that he has been fooled all these months. And he believed she is in love as in reality she never was. She just talked with him on the basis she had no one to waste her free time. She actually just emotionally used him. She knew everything about him but she never told her any. She hided everything from him. And even he was a fool to not ask in the name of trust and belief. She dumped him like this and it was a shock. He loved her so blindly without knowing anything about her for around 2 years. How can this be possible? and than I remembered the people’s saying,”LOVE IS BLIND”  but I didn’t knew it was so dumb also….

                         We made him realized to get going in life whatever let the situation come.  Always try to face downs in life and hope for the best to be welcomed. We told him not to lose hope and believe in love but if you love some one never be so blind so that you can’t even noticed that the other half is not actually loving you instead just using you as an option. Be brave to except the facts and demand for everything because when you someone, you awe the right to demand.

“Love unconditionally, love exceptionally, love freely, love purely but never love anyone so blindly…..”

                     and than he sat there thinking for sometime and than moved away…

Hope he stays happy and out of depression….


Always in my Heart..

Let me tel u something,
There was always a day I missed you,
In each thought you became real,
Hided with smile so I neglect you.

I don’t know how much it is true,
I believed and felt you missed me too,
Each day I tried to stay away,
But ended up typing a letter for you.

Wrote with the love,
Erased by tears,
I torn apart each pages,
So, I don’t keep any evidences of missing you.

Long waits for your calls and msgs,
My inbox showed your no name,
I searched you in each path we walked,
You disappeared like an insane.

My wait ended and I had no choice,
You covered my mind from each core,
My heart seems to not accept,
That you don’t love me anymore.

Atlast I write for you today,
Lets fall in love all over again,
With no promises and compromise,
With no limits to be together again.

Let’s it be pure and linked with the soul,
Let me just be with you till the world ends soon,
I only know that il love you forever,
Even if tomorrow, I live far away and with different lover.



Kash woh bachpan laut aaye,
Kash woh guzre pal laut aaye.
Har din ke subha jo tere sath hoti thi,
Kash woh subha ki mulakat laut aaye.
Harpal jinn lamho mein tere sath hasti thi,
Kash woh chehre ki hasi laut aaye.

Har din ke saath kayi sapne sajaye the,
Ankho mein kayi khaab bhi laye the,
Tere ruthne ka woh har pal aaj bhi yaad hai,
Kash fir tu ruth jane ke liye laut aaye.

Tere har baato mein jo bachpan beeta tha,
Tere har shararat mein jo pareshan hui thi,
Ankho mein ansu aate hi dur karta tha,
Kash tu ek baar fir mujhe hasane laut aaye.

Kash mera bachpan fir laut aaye….

Kab itni badi hogayi pata hi na chala,
Dil ki awaaz ko ann kaha kardiya,
Tu bhi to na aaya manane kabhi,
Khamoshi se sehti gayi teri narazgi bhi.

Logo ka kya kehte hai sabhi,
Aage badh jao… fir jeele jindagi,
Kaise khush ho jaun firse main abhi,
Mere to har khushi thi sirf tujhse judi.

Fir se ek baar mujhe tadpane aaja,
Fir se akela chodne ke bahane hi aaja,
Har baar jitna rulaya tha sab kiya maaf,
Ab fir se ek baar rulane hi aaja..


Scattered Relations

Far away moved on the hills,
Soul peacefully residing.
The serene of silence,
Within peace acquiring.

Each relations left on the path,
Emotions builting up till drowning.
The wisdom of aloneness,
Indeed happiness an carving.

Born and built up strong,
To face the surrounding.
Encouraged to follow only heart,
Is the only choice applying.

Everything is a matter of time,
For each relation for blooming,
Just a scattered part is left within,
Everything else is getting frowning.


I love you…

I started beileving in god now,
The feeling has gone so deep for you don’t know how,
The love that I m getting is not less,
But I want more becoz its really priceless..

First time I came to know that my heart is so lazy,
That just your smile had been driven me so crazy,
You may have fear that you will be lost,
But don’t worry Bacha, I will b always with you at any cost..

The day you came in my life,
That moment I decided to make you, my wife,
I know my this decision is absolutely right,
I know you will make my boring life bright.

I know; I m not a good writer as good as you,
The words are not enough for me to say about you,
This last line is only for you,
I love you, I love you and I love you… 



The art of loneliness,

The evoke of the emotionless mask,

I was living a life with silence,

All dead and in the dark.


You came like a sword,

Destroying all the sadness in me,

Making me alive and living.

You met me coincidentally,

Or it was planned by the almighty…

You and me became one in no time,

As it was all scripted by the destiny…


Like a fresh rising light,

You brightening my life,

Like a pure water devoted,

You washing away my ashen soul.

The fear to fall again,

The fear to get betrayed,

The fear of losing you indeed,

Is all that I pray never come true.


You seem to be an ANGLE,

Sent from the heaven,

Shedding away all my sorrows,

DESTINY is just a name carved by god,

Given to the person like you, my Love.

YOU call it DESTINY,

I call it meant to be,

But for US, It should be called only “YOU AND ME”

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